Coco & Margo's Photo Gallery

Coco and Margo were best-friend Shelties. Coco came to us in 1994 while in Spartanburg. She died in January 2009.   Margo came along in 1997 when we lived outside of Raleigh and now has Zak to play with. These pictures were taken in 2001-2002.


Here is Coco a couple of years ago when we lived in Winston-Salem

Coco passed away in 2009 at the age of 14

Here's Coco and Margo

Margo, taken in 2001

"I think I hear a birdie"

Margo is 12 years old now

Coco is at Stacy's house.

My brother with his shelties, Cleo & Jasper

Margo, doing what she does best

Margo loves the pool. She climbs up the ladder and hops on

Snow in West Virginia

Margo being a priss

Jim feeding the ducks at Glenn & Everett's


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