Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina - October 2004

Grandfather Mountain is 5,964 feet high

It's located 45 miles from Johnson City near Linville, North Carolina

A beautiful vista

The other half of Split Rock

Somebody's looking macho

One of two bald eagles, both were shot out west (probably by Dick Cheney)

Hey Boo Boo...

...where's my picinick basket?

Momma and one of her cubs

Hmmm, is that bridge swinging?

You've got to be kidding, we've got to cross that?

This was looking toward Winston-Salem.

Grandfather Mountain was privately owned

We could see the skyline of Charlotte, 82 miles away

Hey, we made it to the other side of the bridge

There were just so many beautiful views

They had closed the bridge earlier because wind gusts topped 110 mph

Here the wind gusts were only 80 mph....hold on!

The wind literally took your breath away

Grandfather Mountain is the highest peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains

North Carolina recently purchased the mountain

The bridge is over a mile high

The highest wind gust here was 196 mph on April 18, 1997

This is the highest suspension footbridge in America

You can really see for miles and miles...

Jim at Linville Bluffs

That's way high up

A last look from Linville Bluffs


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