Kitchen Remodel Photo Gallery

Ten long weekends and the kitchen remodel is now done, except for some minor touch-ups.  We started the project back in February and did all the work ourselves.  To view full picture, please click thumbnail.

This is what the kitchen looked like before the project started.

First to go was the built-in oven.

Jim using his new jig saw.

We're leaving the top part of the existing cabinet.

Demo work is such fun!


The bottom part will be used to expand the island.

The fridge and stove will actually trade places.

The new/old stove in place.

The fridge will eventually have a built-in cabinet.

The upper cabinet is taking shape.

The stove will get a hood, and thin cabinet down its other side.

Bill scraping the old popcorn ceiling off. Ceiling will be smooth with recessed lighting.

First new cabinet doors are in, plus the refrigerator is now enclosed.

Newly built cabinets along the stove are installed and painted.

Jims preps to cover where the old cooktop was.

The ceiling before the new lights.

New lights and ceiling finished

More cabinet doors waiting to be hung.

New cabinets are done around the stove.

Some nice cookbook storage where the range hood used to be for the cooktop.

More cabinet doors go up.

We finally have some new drawers!

Just four more cabinet doors to re-face. The end is in sight.

Finally, all woodwork is done!

We lost count of home many doors and drawers there are.

Drawers were the last to get re-faced

First section of new backsplash is installed.

After backsplash, then the countertops!

Backsplash is done. Color slightly lighter than cabinets.

This should give you some idea what the countertops will look like.

Sat good-bye to the old butcher block countertop!

Jim using a Christmas gift many years ago for the very first time.

Done, well sort of. Looking from foyer hallway.

View from the kitchen table.

We think the project turned out very well.

The room got a new paint job.

We think the Cyan is a better match with the cabinets.


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