Canadian Trip -- July 2001

We took a train across Canada for three days and three nights.  The Canadian begins in Toronto and ends in Vancouver.  Here are just a few of the countless pictures


We started our trip in Toronto

We stayed at the Royal York, right across the street from the train station.

The accomodations were very nice.

We drove down to Niagra for the day.

Very nice day.

Here is the train we took across Canada.

The trip we took was from Toronto to Vancouver.

Four days and three nights onboard, not bad.

End of the first day view from the dome car.

The train snakes through the Canadian Rockies.

The inside of the end of the observation car.

We're starting to go through the Rockies.

July in the Canadian Rockies.

Jim taking in the vistas in the dome car.

We've never seen a glacier before.

The view from the observation dome

Another breathtaking view.

The train ends in Vancouver.

The train station in Vancouver.

We took a second train to Seattle.

This is nightfall in the Pugent Sound.

Downtown Seattle


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