The Little White House -- October 2005

The Little White House is located in Warm Springs, GA--that's about 35 miles from Columbus.  Franklin Roosevelt liked Warm Springs so much that he built the only home he ever owned there.  He died in this house on April 12, 1945 while posing for a portrait.


The entrance, one of two Secret Service posts

FDR built this cottage after coming to Warm Springs in 1924.

The house has 6 rooms...a seperate guest house and servants' quarters.

The entrance has a "bump gate" which you could open with a car's bumper.

This is the last car FDR drove.

Each year FDR got his speciality license plate from the state of Georgia

Because of his polio, FDR's car had special hand control which he designed.

Wheelchair and leg braces used by FDR

The "Unfinished Portrait". FDR was sitting for this painting when he died

Each of the 50 states contributed a native stone for this memorial walkway. Below are the states where we've lived.

Georgia - Pink Marble

North Carolina - Granite

Pennsylvania - Black Granite

South Carolina - Winnsboro Granite

Tennessee - Pink Marble

Virginia - Soapstone

West Virginia - Sandstone

Dowdell's Knob was a favorite spot of FDR's for picnics

FDR's stone fireplace still stands

Below is Pine Mountain Valley


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